Garden Trampolines at GONSER

  • Trampoline 3.35 m complete set
    RRP* 549.00
    CHF 259.00
  • Trampoline 4.0 m incl. safety net
    RRP* 649.00
    CHF 299.00
  • Trampoline 1.4m incl. safety net
    RRP* 179.90
    CHF 84.90
  • Trampoline 4.9 m incl. safety net
    RRP* 799.00
    CHF 359.00
  • Trampoline 3.7 m complete set
    RRP* 599.00
    CHF 279.00
  • Trampoline 3.05 m complete set
    RRP* 499.00
    CHF 239.00
  • Trampoline 4.3 m incl. safety net
    RRP* 699.00
    CHF 319.00
  • Trampoline 2.7 m complete set
    RRP* 439.00
    CHF 219.00
  • Trampoline 2.44 m complete set
    RRP* 399.00
    CHF 199.00
  • Trampoline 4.6 m incl. safety net
    RRP* 749.00
    CHF 339.00

Trampolines for Young and Old

Our outdoor trampolines are a great leisure activity for young and old alike. The trampolines are used outdoors and turn your garden into a real adventure park. There are a few things to consider when buying your garden trampoline: First of all, you should think about the size and location of your future trampoline. Suitable locations are flat and non-slip surfaces such as the lawn. You should also keep a minimum distance of two meters from any obstacles such as buildings or trees. Our trampolines are equipped with a safety net. The frame and posts are also fitted with protective covers. For additional stability, the trampolines can be anchored to the ground with tensioning straps and suitable hooks.

With an outdoor trampoline, fun and games are guaranteed. Bouncing on a trampoline is a real highlight for children. Did you know that trampolining is also healthy? Bouncing releases happiness hormones and boosts your physical fitness. With targeted strength and balance exercises, you can add variety to your workout and have fun at the same time. As you can see, garden trampolines are not just for the little ones!

There's more to a real adventure park in your garden than just a trampoline. With garden swings, playhouses, and a sandpit, you can create an exciting adventure playground for you and your children.

Bounce Safely with Trampoline Accessories

Bouncing safely also means maintaining your trampoline regularly. Broken springs or torn safety nets must be replaced immediately. Our safety sets ensure that your trampoline is firmly anchored to the ground. With a suitable cover, you can protect your garden trampoline from the weather and ensure that you and your children can enjoy it for a long time to come.

A few simple rules are essential for maximum and injury-free bouncing fun on your outdoor trampoline. You should only ever bounce alone to prevent collisions. Children should also never jump unsupervised. The right footwear is also essential here: it is best to jump in trainers with thin soles or barefoot. You should leave somersaults and other gymnastic jumps to the professionals in the gym. When it's at its best: As with any sport, you need to find the right moment to stop and take a break in between.

{ "@context":"", "@type":"ItemList", "name": "Garden Trampolines", "itemListElement": [{"@type":"ListItem","position":1,"name":"Trampoline 3.35 m complete set","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/sports-leisure\/trampolines\/garden-trampolines\/trampoline-3-35-m-complete-set\/a-2857\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/2857\/middle\/Trampolin-3-35-m-Komplett-Set-NEU--1-.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":2,"name":"Trampoline 4.0 m incl. safety net","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/trampoline-4-0-m-incl-safety-net\/a-1918\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/1918\/middle\/Trampolin-4-0-m-inkl--Sicherheitsnetz-NEU--1-.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":3,"name":"Trampoline 1.4m incl. safety net","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/trampoline-1-4m-incl-safety-net\/a-19729\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/19729\/middle\/Kindertrampolin-1-4-m-inklusive-Sicherheitsnetz-Anzeigebild.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":4,"name":"Trampoline 4.9 m incl. safety net","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/trampoline-4-9-m-incl-safety-net\/a-2861\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/2861\/middle\/Trampolin-4-9-m-inkl--Sicherheitsnetz-NEU--2-.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":5,"name":"Trampoline 3.7 m complete set","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/sports-leisure\/trampolines\/garden-trampolines\/trampoline-3-7-m-complete-set\/a-1915\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/1915\/middle\/Trampolin-3-7-m-Komplett-Set-NEU--2-.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":6,"name":"Trampoline 3.05 m complete set","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/trampoline-3-05-m-complete-set\/a-1912\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/1912\/middle\/Trampolin-3-05-m-Komplett-Set-NEU--10-.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":7,"name":"Trampoline 4.3 m incl. safety net","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/trampoline-4-3-m-incl-safety-net\/a-1923\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/1923\/middle\/Trampolin-4-3-m-inkl--Sicherheitsnetz-NEU--3-.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":8,"name":"Trampoline 2.7 m complete set","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/sports-leisure\/trampolines\/garden-trampolines\/trampoline-2-7-m-complete-set\/a-2854\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/2854\/middle\/Trampolin-2-7-m-Komplett-Set-NEU--2-.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":9,"name":"Trampoline 2.44 m complete set","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/trampoline-2-44-m-complete-set\/a-1909\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/1909\/middle\/Trampolin-2-44-m-Komplett-Set-NEU--1-.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":10,"name":"Trampoline 4.6 m incl. safety net","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/trampoline-4-6-m-incl-safety-net\/a-1927\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/1927\/middle\/Trampolin-4-6-m-inkl--Sicherheitsnetz-NEU--10-.jpg"}] }}

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