Coolers at GONSER

  • Cooler box electric 40 L
    RRP* 449.00
    CHF 349.00
  • Cooler box heating box 32 L
    RRP* 169.90
    CHF 119.90
  • Cooler box trolley electric 50 L
    RRP* 529.00
    CHF 319.00
  • Cooler box heating box 24 L
    RRP* 149.90
    CHF 89.90
  • Cooler box heating box 50 L
    RRP* 249.00
    CHF 179.90
  • Cooler box 24 L
    RRP* 52.90
    CHF 24.90
  • SALE
    Cooler box Glacial Sport Cooler 49 L
    RRP* 44.90
    CHF 16.90
  • Cooler box trolley electric 30 L
    RRP* 469.00
    CHF 229.00
  • Cooler box and seating for iSUP
    RRP* 279.00
    CHF 139.90
  • Cool box trolley electric 75L
    RRP* 649.00
    CHF 349.00

Coolers from GONSER.CH - for Fresh Food on the Go

A cool box is a must for anyone planning a camping holiday, a picnic in the countryside or a barbecue by the lake. The boxes keep your drinks nice and cool and ensure that your food stays fresh even at high temperatures. Cool boxes, which can also be used as heat boxes, are also particularly practical for keeping your food warm. Unlike our cooler bags, the boxes are larger, more robust and are also suitable for longer periods outdoors. The plastic boxes have a capacity of between 24 and 75 litres. Our cool boxes are also available as portable models with handles or with practical castors.

The cool boxes with wheels are particularly suitable for larger events where you need to transport heavy drinks bottles, while the smaller models with handles can be easily lifted.

Electric Coolbox - the Mobile All-Rounder for the Camping Kitchen

The question of cooling technology is key when choosing your new cool box, as it depends on the type of use. Our electric cool box is powered by the car battery and is therefore particularly suitable for road trips. The thermoelectric mode of operation enables cooling up to 18 degrees below the ambient temperature. Larger models, which can also be controlled remotely via an app, are ideal for modern camping kitchens and can also be used to charge your smartphone. The classic cool box for SUP, on the other hand, is filled manually with cooling elements and can also be used as a seat on the beach.

On your outdoor adventures, it is important not only to enjoy cool drinks, but also to provide sufficient shade: set up additional awnings or parasols so that you and your guests are adequately protected from the sun. Whether it's a garden party or a camping holiday - we have the perfect cool box for all your needs!

{ "@context":"", "@type":"ItemList", "name": "Cooler", "itemListElement": [{"@type":"ListItem","position":1,"name":"Cooler box electric 40 L","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/electric-cooler-with-app-control-40l\/a-20342\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/20342\/middle\/Kuehlbox-elektrisch-mit-App-Steuerung-40L-5.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":2,"name":"Cooler box heating box 32 L","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/cooler-heat-box-32l\/a-21559\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/21559\/middle\/Kuehlbox-Waermebox-32L-2.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":3,"name":"Cooler box trolley electric 50 L","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/cooler-trolley-electric-50l\/a-20340\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/20340\/middle\/Kuehlbox-Trolley-elektrisch-50L-7.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":4,"name":"Cooler box heating box 24 L","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/cooler-heat-box-24l\/a-21558\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/21558\/middle\/Kuehlbox-Waermebox-24L-1.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":5,"name":"Cooler box heating box 50 L","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/cooler-heat-box-50l\/a-21560\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/21560\/middle\/Kuehlbox-Waermebox-50L-2.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":6,"name":"Cooler box 24 L","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/cooler-24l\/a-16239\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/16239\/middle\/Kuehlbox-24L-blau--1-.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":7,"name":"Cooler box Glacial Sport Cooler 49 L","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/cool-box-glacial-sport-cooler-49-l\/a-9986\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/9986\/middle\/Kuehlbox-Bestway--2-.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":8,"name":"Cooler box trolley electric 30 L","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/cooler-trolley-electric-30l\/a-20341\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/20341\/middle\/Kuehlbox-Trolley-elektrisch-30L-10.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":9,"name":"Cooler box and seating for iSUP","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/cool-box-and-seat-for-isup\/a-13500\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/13500\/middle\/Fischkuehler-Kuehlbox-SUP-Zubehoer-Aqua-Marina--1-.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":10,"name":"Cool box trolley electric 75L","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/cool-box-trolley-electric-75l\/a-22640\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/22640\/middle\/Kuehlbox-Trolley-elektrisch-75L-4.jpg"}] }

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