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  • Hanging lamp LED LINA 158 cm silver
    RRP* 279.00
    CHF 119.90
  • Industrial hanging lamp 18 cm black
    RRP* 59.90
    CHF 27.90
  • Hanging lamp LED LINA 128 cm silver
    RRP* 259.00
    CHF 109.90
  • SALE
    Connector for LED hanging lamp LINA
    RRP* 17.90
    CHF 5.90

Decorative Ceiling Lamps for Modern Homes

Our ceiling lamps transform any of your rooms into a feel-good place. Whether classic elegance, minimalist style, or a trendy industrial look - our pendant lights offer you the ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics. One particularly practical model is our LED pendant light, which looks especially good above a bar counter or office desk. With separately available connecting plugs, you can connect several lamps together to illuminate even large office spaces. The lamps are operated using energy-efficient LEDs, which not only create a pleasant atmosphere but also save electricity costs. Classic pendant lamps are supplied without a bulb - when buying the right LED bulb, make sure that it is compatible with the lamp socket of your luminaire. Let your home shine in a new light and set the right accents in each of your rooms with our pendant lights.

Smarter Living with Hanging Lamps from GONSER.CH

Every room needs its light source, but how many pendant lights does your room need? In most rooms, one ceiling light that you can hang in the center of the ceiling is enough. Make sure to place the dining table or lounge table directly underneath so that you can make optimum use of the light and create an atmospheric overall picture. In larger rooms that combine a living room and dining room, a combination of different light sources is a good idea. It is best to use a pendant light for the dining area, while the sofa area can be illuminated with a living room lamp.

Fixing Ceiling Lamps Made Easy

The right pendant light has been selected; now it's time to hang it up. You don't necessarily need an electrician to do this because with the right tools and the necessary safety precautions, you can easily do it yourself. The most important thing is that you first remove the fuses and switch off the power before you start work. For your safety, we recommend that you also use insulated tools.

You will need a drill or screwdriver as well as various plugs and screws to fix the ceiling light. You will need different tools depending on the type of ceiling. Next, you will need a ladder high enough to reach the power supply cable easily. To hang the pendant lights from the ceiling, you need a ring-shaped hook that is attached to the ceiling. This may already be available in rented flats. The lamp is suspended from the hook using the pre-assembled bracket and positioned at the desired height. The next step is to correctly connect the cables of the lamp and the ceiling outlet: L1 to L1 (usually a black cable), N to N (blue cable), PE to PE (green-yellow cable). The green-yellow cable may be missing - then the wall outlet has no protective conductor (PE). The bare parts of the cables must not touch each other; otherwise, a short circuit will occur. Once the cables are connected correctly, attach the socket to the ceiling. Now you can switch the power back on and test your new light source. As you can see, pendant lights are very easy to hang yourself!

Discover our diverse selection of ceiling lights now and bring light into your home!

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