Vanity Units at GONSER

  • Vanity unit 60 x 34 x 56 cm black
    RRP* 114.90
    CHF 59.90
  • Vanity unit 60 x 29 x 60 cm white
    RRP* 119.90
    CHF 59.90
  • Vanity unit 63 x 30 x 54 cm white
    RRP* 144.90
    CHF 99.90
  • Washbasin vanity unit vintage OLSEN
    RRP* 349.00
    CHF 159.90
  • Washbasin vanity unit vintage BONITA
    RRP* 134.90
    CHF 64.90
  • Vanity unit walnut 66 x 29 x 61 cm
    RRP* 144.90
    CHF 69.90
  • Vanity unit vintage DOUGLAS
    RRP* 319.00
    CHF 149.90
  • Washbasin vintage WILSON vanity unit
    RRP* 269.00
    CHF 129.90
  • Washbasin vanity unit industrial SAMO
    RRP* 349.00
    CHF 169.90

Vanity Unit - for More Style and Space in the Bathroom

There's always something going on in the bathroom: you brush your teeth, take a shower, go to the toilet, and do your make-up. You need a spacious vanity unit so that you can store all your toiletries and beauty & make-up accessories neatly. The practical bathroom furniture is available in various sizes and designs. All our vanity units are equipped with a universal siphon recess and are easy to install. This washbasin furniture is a great addition, especially in small bathrooms: in combination with bathroom wall units, cabinets, and bathroom shelves, you can make optimum use of the available space and gain plenty of storage space. You're guaranteed to find the right vanity unit for your washbasin with us!

Vanity Units for Every Taste

Your bathroom vanity unit is more than just any piece of bathroom furniture. The washbasin vanity unit takes centre stage and choosing the right model requires careful consideration. We have elegant models with a white or black high-gloss finish, modern wooden cabinets made of natural wood, and rustic vintage furniture in our range. Choose your new washbasin furniture according to your favourite design and its width. To do this, measure your washbasin so that you can optimize the width of your new furniture. A mirror or mirror cabinet rounds off the washbasin area.

Bathroom Vanity Unit - Robust and Moisture-Resistant

Bathroom furniture thrives on being moisture-resistant. Natural and rust-free materials made of natural wood and metal are ideal for withstanding the increased humidity in bathrooms. High-gloss lacquered furniture made of mixed wood also has a water-repellent surface. Regularly wipe the surface of your vanity unit with a damp cloth to remove stains and prevent mold growth. Regular ventilation and indoor plants also improve the indoor climate.

{ "@context":"", "@type":"ItemList", "name": "Vanity Units", "itemListElement": [{"@type":"ListItem","position":1,"name":"Vanity unit 60 x 34 x 56 cm black","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/vanity-unit-60-x-34-x-56-cm-black\/a-21534\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/21534\/middle\/Bathroom-furniture--610551--01.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":2,"name":"Vanity unit 60 x 29 x 60 cm white","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/vanity-unit-60-x-29-x-60-cm-white\/a-21530\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/21530\/middle\/Bathroom-furniture--610547--01.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":3,"name":"Vanity unit 63 x 30 x 54 cm white","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/vanity-unit-63-x-30-x-54-cm-white\/a-19318\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/19318\/middle\/600789-Bathroom-furniture-01.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":4,"name":"Washbasin vanity unit vintage OLSEN","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/washbasin-vanity-unit-vintage-olsen\/a-13194\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/13194\/middle\/Waschbeckenunterschrank-Badezimmerschrank-Vintage-OLSEN--2--Anzeigebild.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":5,"name":"Washbasin vanity unit vintage BONITA","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/vintage-bonita-washbasin-vanity-unit\/a-21836\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/21836\/middle\/BONITA-Furniture-630508-02.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":6,"name":"Vanity unit walnut 66 x 29 x 61 cm","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/vanity-unit-walnut-66-x-29-x-61-cm\/a-20414\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/20414\/middle\/Waschbeckenunterschrank-Walnussholz-66-x-29-x-61-cm-2-opt-Anzeigebild.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":7,"name":"Vanity unit vintage DOUGLAS","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/vanity-unit-vintage-douglas\/a-13214\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/13214\/middle\/NOB-06-A--2-.JPG"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":8,"name":"Washbasin vintage WILSON vanity unit","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/vintage-wilson-washbasin-vanity-unit\/a-13189\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/13189\/middle\/Waschbeckenunterschrank-Badezimmer-Schrank-Vintage-WILSON--2-.jpg"},{"@type":"ListItem","position":9,"name":"Washbasin vanity unit industrial SAMO","url":"https:\/\/\/en\/washbasin-vanity-unit-industrial-samo\/a-14440\/","image":"https:\/\/\/mrt54q44tptl\/item\/images\/14440\/middle\/Waschbeckenunterschrank-Badezimmerschrank-Vintage-SAMO--2-.jpg"}] }}

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